Well, as 2013 has started I have decided to start BLOGGING! This resolution to blog is one in itself, but also to combine my Pinterest and Facebook and life all in one place. This is for me, but I am hoping that it will be for you too!

This will where I post things that I don’t want on Facebook, or want to expand on. This will be where my Pinterest Posts come alive -recipes I’ve tried, sites I love, tips and tricks and everything in between that I want to share with whoever is listening! I have become very health focused, so recipes and health tips and my journey to become happy in my skin will also be included. I am going to Thailand in March (not soon enough!) and that journey will be posted here too!

I want to express myself and though there are millions of blogs out there now, this one is for me.

Any tips and tricks and sites that you know and want to share to help my blog journey, please do! I am a pretty organized person and used to “code” my MySpace account (ages me, I know) so I hope that my blogging adventure becomes a huge happy part of my life.

Cheers to my adventure, and thank you for reading!

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3 Responses to Introduction

  1. rantingrose says:

    I just started blogging too–sounds like we have similar goals–off to a great start!

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