Thailand Trip

I didn’t really know where to start on my first entry (lots of topics but how to start writing, actually). So, I will start what is on my mind probably 24/7 lately.


In March, I will be going on my first solo international trip to Thailand with Free and Easy. I went to Europe in high school with classmates, I have been to Vegas with friends, all over Canada and Hawaii with family. But this. This is solo.

In a nutshell, my trip is all over Thailand starting and ending in Bangkok for 40 days. FORTY. But, there is an extension for just over $500 to add the Thai New Years Extension also to your trip. But, hopefully, I will make a few friends that want to go experience it when they realize they do not want to go home quite yet. Therefore, I twisted my own arm and booked my trip to include the Thailand New Year. That’s right…I am going to Thailand from February 28th to April 19th. If I don’t meet anyone..well you’ll find me at the beach!

I have it all fully paid, VISA is in the works, and I am moving back to Nanaimo (ugh) with all my stuff by next weekend. Just working on my flight.

Free and Easy gives you the option of booking the trip and not having to worry about the flight, or for, in my case, $1300 cheaper you can book the flight on your own. Being my “its a good deal” father’s daughter, I know I can get a flight cheaper than that. However, it is getting quite frustrating and so tiring trying to figure out: what time, which airport, how to get there, what price…

I just keep thinking of the end result.
Image To keep myself organized (and to make you jealous of course hehe), I will be going through my itinerary soon and listing all the highlights that the trip includes: such as the hammock design that comes with the trip and that I had to choose which design I wanted, here she is:

ImageI will have an extra week or so of exploring, any recommendations?

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