Tomorrow is (yet again) the beginning!

On top of “start a blog” as my New Years Resoulutions of 2013, another one is to be healthy.

No, I don’t want to be on a diet, been there done that numerous times

No, I don’t want to stop eating an entire bag of chips (’cause I don’t do that).

 Health wise Resolutions:

1) drink a green thickie twice a day (breakfast and lunch)

2) have a “clean” dinner.

3) exercise more, but enjoy it!


Whether in my employed or unemployed days, I don’t eat breakfast. I also catch myself not eating, one or more meals a day (my ex-boyfriend actually told me I hadn’t eaten an entire weekend!). Like today, its 5pm and.. nothing.

The only reason: I forget. I’m working all day, doing errands, organizing something, multiple plans, etc. Not healthy AT ALL. And no, you don’t lose weight, ladies. Because, the next meal or the next day or whenever I eat next I am SO hungry all of a sudden. I am a social person, so when I got to go out for dinner, my mouth was always bigger than my stomach. I would get an appie and dinner, and not finishing dinner. Spending lots of money and eating lots of calories.

I originally lost a lot of weight doing SlimFast early in highschool. I drank a shake for breakfast in the a.m. before school, ate one of their meal replacement bars for lunch, and my mom always makes sensible dinners. However, after about a year of doing this, my body got used to it and I hit a plateau. I gained 10lbs back, too.

I figure if I started taking care of myself and becoming healthy, the weight loss would just be a bonus. The shake was a good way for me to have a quick, healthy breakfast so, after lots and lots of research, I found out about Green Thickies. This lady, Katherine, built on them from her Green Smoothie invention by adding oats and leafy greens to make them a meal replacement. This sounded great: super good for you, super easy to make, actually inexpensive, something you can be on for a week or years and you still gain the benefits, and, of course, DOABLE.

Any and all information regarding starting Green Thickies can be found here

Her story here

Her website is fabulous. Lots of recipes, lots of information, lots of links. I have asked for help both on her website and her facebook (she has Pinterest, too!) and 24-48 hours later got an answer! I even did it “wrong” for the first week, and felt better already.

I am not posting a fat photo haha BUT I will post my weight and inches and, maybe every week, post my observations/results. It’s going to be super hectic with moving next week and boredom (the number one healthy killer) being back in Nanaimo. But, I figure if I can do my best with the thickies, clean eating and exercising in the chaos with the goal of 24-7 bikini wear in Thailand…then when I come back, get a new job, settle down, build a menu/food budget, get a routine etc etc, everything will just get better and better!

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