Healthy Journey – Day One!

Goal: Healthy feeling and Weight loss – clean eating! gluten free if possible!
How? Sleeping schedule, 2-3 Green thickies a day, gym 3-5 times a week. WALK EVERY DAY
So, in order to have said breakfast I needed to put myself on a sleeping schedule. Set my alarm this morning for 10am (safe time in case I went out the night before).


Weight: 149 lbs  Inches: 40.5 inches

Today is day one on my journey to a healthy body which in turn is a lighter body 🙂
I started with having a sleep schedule, getting up at 10am and trying for 8 hours. Well, at 2am last night I was still awake and couldnt get to sleep. So, when my alarm went off at 10am..I snoozed. Good start, right? Got up at 11:30 though? haha

I made my Green Thickie. Last week that I was drinking them they were way more green and there was way more of it. Whereas this week it was way lighter and there is probably enough for another serving. My only idea is that I used fresh baby spinach instead of frozen chopped spinach. Still tasted good though !

Basic Thickie Recipe
2 Cups water or dairy free milk
2 cups of leafy greens
2-4 fruit or cups of fruits depending on how creamy the fruit is or how thick or filling I want the smoothie to be.  Just experiment.
1 Cup of oats

My recipe until I move (given from Katherine from Green Thickie website)
2 Cups almond breeze unsweetened
2 cups of leafy spinich
2 bananas
1 Cup of cooking oats


I woke up to a whole bunch of snow this morning, so taking a run to my car stuck* at a skytrain station wasn’t on my list. So I walked it, still a good 20 minute walk and just over 80 calories.  Might be a tad bit more because I couldn’t find a decent iPhone app. What app do you use? I wish I wasn’t such a baby and walked to the skytrain months ago. I also wish I had my proper pedometer watch. It’s on my to-do list.

Had a late “lunch”, the rest of my thickie. I guess from my non-movement day yesterday (seriously – laptops and beds are bad combos), today was a big today because I took a nap. **TIP** DO NOT TAKE A NAP. I didn’t go to my Zumba class like I said I was going to. I’m going to try to just JUMP OUT OF BED when my alarm goes off. Maybe this will help with morning workouts and darn naps. I’m glad I got my walk in, better than nothing?

For dinner I threw a bunch of vegetables in frying pan, threw some eggs and coconut milk. My uncle sent me some fresh non-farmed salmon so I threw in one filet of that (already cooked just needed to be reheated). I’m pretty sure I got full right after taking this photo, but I still had room for dessert hehe I quickly threw some dark chocolate, peanut butter and granola (not too sure how good granola is for yea but…) in a mug after I melted the chocolate and voila! Clean Eating and Quick Cooking wooo

IMG_2652[1]IMG_2653[1]Let’s hope for a more productive day tomorrow! Not going to “start over” so have a cheeseburger because I didn’t have 100% healthy, amazing day..every day counts!!!


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